SS: Sunday Saves (#13)

This Sunday is probably one of the best Sunday’s because it means I don’t have to go to work this entire week! If you can’t love that, what can you love? In this week’s Sunday Saves, I’ll be talking about Twitter chats, reading and living your life to the fullest!

1. Anne Smiles (An Active Summer #HealthHour No.4)

I’ve started talking to Anne just over the past few weeks, all because I found out about #HealthHour. If you don’t know what Health Hour is, it’s a Twitter chat hosted by Anne about health related topics on Monday nights at 8pm. It’s the first Twitter chat I’ve ever looked forward to every week and even though I’ve only taken part in two so far, I love connecting with everyone. Anne posts recaps every week of the previous chat, to tell people what we had been talking about and to give an insight into what questions were asked. So if you’re into health, fitness and food, you should join in with us!

2. Momentarily Dreaming (8 Ways To Do More Reading)

I’m always looking to read more, I think it’s really important for everyone to take a step away from social media and take a minute for yourself with a book. (I should really listen to my own advice sometimes too!) Even though Sam’s post is from last year, I only just found it this week and she gives some quick tips on how to read more. I think the tips that would work for me the most would be taking time away from social media, setting an amount of time for reading each morning/night/day and setting myself some goals. Everyone who reads my blog, know that I’m a goal setter, so these are perfect for me.

3. Always Inspired Life (Top 10 Goals To Create A More Meaningful Life)

In Alina’s post, she talks about leading a more motivated life and I couldn’t agree more. If you’re living for someone else, not doing what you want to do or just going through life in the easiest way you can, I don’t believe you’re truly living. Being yourself, working on yourself, taking chances and being passionate are just some of the ways she mentions in her post, and I think it’s so refreshing. There’s so many posts out there on “being a better person” but this post isn’t like that, I love the way she has written this one, it’s honestly such a lovely read.

That’s all from this week’s Sunday Saves. My favourite thing about Sunday Saves is exploring new blogs, connecting with new people, finding out about different things that I might not have even known before and most importantly, to always keep learning. You can find me over at @RetroSnowflake on Twitter if you’ve found any new blogs or even want to send me your own blog. Have a lovely week!


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