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SS: Sunday Saves (#10)

Happy Sunday and welcome to another Sunday Saves. If you’re not sure what Sunday Saves are, it’s where I pick my three favourite blog posts from throughout the week that I’ve read (They could be months old but as long as I’ve just seen them throughout the week) and I want to talk about. In today’s post, I talk about birth control, special “bucket” lists and a different blogging perspective.

1. That Belfast Girl (Taking Control)

Gemma is a Belfast girl like myself but what shocked me even more was I found someone else my age who also isn’t on the pill or anything else that interferes with your body. Over the years, I’ve had one or two friends be so shocked that I don’t use anything, then ask me “Are you wanting to get pregnant?”. No, my answer is no, I don’t want to get pregnant but I don’t want to have a little piece of equipment in my body or I don’t want to have to take a pill every day to stop that happening. I understand that’s not all they are used for, but for me, my body has never really ran smoothly and still isn’t, so I don’t want to interrupt that even further. Unlike Gemma, I’ve never been on anything, whereas she has, and she goes through her story telling the ups and downs, then telling us why she isn’t on it. So if you’re thinking about coming off the pill, going on it, or just wondering what other peoples experiences are like, then go and read Gemma’s post, it’s an interesting read.

2. Martha Jane (25 Before 25)

Reading Martha’s post was so lovely because she created a list of goals and achievements she wants to have marked off before she is 25. You see smaller goals mixed in with larger goals; normally with these type of lists they will just have so many bigger things to accomplish whereas Martha has taken a realistic approach. A few of my favourites are: Visiting Japan, Starting Swimming Again, Improve My Posture and Release My Own Music because they are so different but yet they’re so achievable. Now obviously I don’t have goals to release my own music but improving my posture is something that I definitely need to do, and I really just loved how it was so relatable. So good luck Martha with your goals!

3. Lady Writes (The PR’s Guide To Blogging)

I find it interesting that Chloe from Lady Writes is in PR but actually writes a blog herself. She knows the ins and outs of what PR’s are looking for when it comes to blogs, but she’s also creating content that she’s happy with. I never knew she was in PR until this post so it’s nice learning new things about girls you follow on Twitter and through their blogs. She gives some great tips such as approaching PR yourself rather than waiting around for them to contact you, or how important emailing back is. I think most of us think to yourselves, “Awww we’ll answer that later” but if we keep doing that, the companies that you work for or could potentially work for, won’t see you in the greatest light. Chloe even talks about simple things like your blog layout, and how easy it is to use, which I think is very important not just for a PR person, but a regular reader like me too! I think this is definitely a post that you can come back to and see it from the other side, if you’ve never spoken to someone who works in that field before, it gives you a different perspective in terms of blogs.

Thanks for readingΒ Β this week’s Sunday Saves, I’m always looking for new blogs to follow and read every day so tweet me at @RetroSnowflake if you see any posts you’d think I like or even one of your own! Have a great week!


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