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SS: Sunday Saves (#9)

Welcome back for another Sunday Saves! I can’t believe I’ve been doing this for over two months now, time really does fly! If you’re not sure what my Sunday Saves are, it’s where I see blog posts throughout the week then I choose three of the best ones (in my own personal opinion) and talk about them here. It gives me a chance to find new bloggers as well as old bloggers and find interesting posts by them.

1. Bloo ‘n’ Stuff: Interview with my Sister and Carer.

It’s not often I read a blog post and I think to myself, “This is something absolutely everyone should read.” We sometimes hear about carers, but rarely about young carers and Sara’s post tells us exactly about that. She done an interview with her sister, Eva, and Eva looks after Sara every day. It’s such a heart warming post and it gives us a real insight into not only the life of a young carer, but also into the mindset of the person being looked after. It’s such a personal post and it’s so lovely to see how close Eva and Sara are.

2. Dorkface: Why I Quit University.

Over the past few years I have rarely seen blog posts or even videos like this. I went to University myself and left after a year, I’ve been thinking of writing a blog post about it and going into more detail about it. When I was going through that time, I looked for blogs, I looked for videos and all I could find was posts like “Why University is the best experience of your life!”. They weren’t what I wanted to read, so I thought when I left that I was such a huge let down. I’ll maybe write about my experience sometime, but Jemma’s post was so relatable and it’s finally nice to see someone who didn’t enjoy University and did leave, and that it is okay. It’s okay to leave University and not feel rubbish about it. University isn’t the be all and end all, and sadly that’s the perception is has not just within schools, but online too.

3. Growing Up Molly: Intro To My Fitness Journey

I think the moment you decide to start a fitness journey or restart a fitness journey, you should be congratulated. Sure, you’ll make mistakes, you’ll mess up, you’ll get confused and you’ll feel like you’ve done everything wrong. But you’ll also have so many better days when you feel on top of the world, you’ll have a great workout, you’ll have an amazingly healthy day and you’ll be so proud of yourself. Molly’s post talks about her previous experience, where she’s went wrong before and how she sees her new plan taking action. I wanted to say “Good luck!” to Molly and everyone else who is just starting out on their new journey!

Thanks for reading  this week’s Sunday Saves, I’m always looking for new blogs to follow and read every day so tweet me at @RetroSnowflake if you see any posts you’d think I like or even one of your own! 


2 thoughts on “SS: Sunday Saves (#9)

  1. Thank you so much for thinking of me! I can also vouch that Sara and Jemma are such lovely people with wonderful blogs!

    Such a great weekly post and I can’t wait to lurk the rest of your site now 🙂


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