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SS: Sunday Saves (#8)

Goooood morning and Happy Sunday! I’m back with another Sunday Saves, a series where every Sunday I talk about three blog posts I’ve read throughout the week, whether they’re a new post or old, and I talk about them and why exactly I like them. This week I’m talking about blog organisation, getting bloggers involved with your posts and nail polish!

1. Sarah in Wonderland (How I Organise My Posts)

You show me an organisation blog post and let’s be honest, I’m hooked. I love organisation and I’m planning on trying to organise my own organisation again because I feel like parts of my life are just so, well,  unorganised, and it’s driving me insane. I feel like this was a good post for me to read because I’m still all over the place with my blog; my only main feature that I write every single week on a particular day is this post, my Sunday Saves, so wanting to be more structured with my blog can only be a good thing. I also like the fact that Sarah doesn’t just use one medium to plan out ideas on, you know, some people will only use paper and a pen, whereas some will only use their phone and nothing else. I like that she uses a little notepad but also saves ideas and plans down on her phone and her planner, I like that way of multi connection almost.

2. Iga Berry (Finish The Sentence…)

This is such a cool idea! Iga asks a question and you can send a photograph of yourself to her and your answer then she’ll feature your answer the next month. It’s just a really lovely idea to get bloggers involved in your posts and I know some bloggers let other bloggers do special guest posts, but I thought this was just a little different, and quite fun!

3.  Lauren the Daydreamer (My Favourite Barry M Nail Polishes)

For someone who is in love with nail polish, I don’t write about it or read about it as much as I should. I came across Lauren’s post on her blog about her favourite Barry M nail polishes. I only started to use Barry M about a year or so ago, I had heard of them but I was so dedicated to Nails Inc. at the time, that any other nail polish was foreign to me. I got mine as a gift though and I was amazed by not only the colours, but the quality too. Lauren shares her favourite colours, I have Pomegranate myself and it’s such a beautiful colour. Greenberry looks cute too because I love those bright Summer pastel colours!

Thanks for reading  this week’s Sunday Saves, and remember, go click on these lovely peoples blogs, find out more about them, follow them and keep discovering new blogs!



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