SS: Sunday Saves (#7)

And I’m back in Belfast! Good morning! It’s so nice to be back (I’m sure I won’t be thinking that when I go back to work on Tuesday though). May I present this week’s Sunday Saves where I talk about reflections, learning to relax and LUSH!

1. Robowecop (23 Things I’ve Learned in 23 Years)

This post is one of those posts that I think everyone should write. Reflecting back on their life, even if it’s not too serious, and find out what they’ve learned about their life or about themselves (Spoiler: May do this for my 25th! Shhhh!).

A few points Rhianna wrote that really stuck out to me were (3) “Makeup wipes break me out and they just aren’t worth it, no matter how easy they are and how lazy I feel.” (4) “A good skincare routine is one of life’s essentials” Couldn’t agree with these more if I tried! I only started really getting into skincare a few years ago and it’s changed my whole outlook on looking after myself.

(20) “Yoga is actually as good as people say it is, even if I won’t ever be able to do crow pose”. Yoga has changed my life in a way I didn’t know it could, and I’m so thankful to have it in my life. I’m still struggling to do the crow pose too ):

2. Mode Lily (Project Me Time: Learn To Relax Every Day)

If any of you reading this feel like they don’t relax enough, you need to read Dash’s post. In this post in particular, she has every day set out to do something different so for instance on a Monday, she played a board game with her husband, she read an actual book on a Tuesday, on a Thursday, she painted her nails and on a Sunday, she had a pamper night. Really simple ways of taking time out for yourself right? We all need to do it more and Dash is leading by example.

3. The July Journal (A Massive LUSH Collective Haul)

If you read my Twitter or scroll down my Instagram, you’ll know I love LUSH. There was a small point in my life where all the YouTube videos I watched were all LUSH hauls and reviews. I was very obsessed! I still am, but unfortunately I now have bills to pay and food to buy, rather than a big big bag of LUSH products (I do get the chance to go in from time to time though.) For that reason, I love LUSH hauls; whether that be through blog posts or YouTube videos, I love them.

My favourites from Yasmina’s post are The Comforter shower gel. Me oh my. I just can’t with this shower gel. It’s perfect. So so perfect. The Experimenter bath ballistic is stunning. I know Yasmina said that she said the final colour display was disappointing with that ballistic but personally, I loved it! Finally, American Cream! The only LUSH hair conditioner I have found so far that I get on with. Use this with Daddy-O and your hair will be in heaven.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s Sunday Saves, and remember, go click on these lovely peoples blogs, find out more about them, follow them and keep discovering new blogs!



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