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SS: Sunday Saves (#5)

So this is the Sunday I leave for holiday! I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty terrified; I’m a worrier so every possible bad situation to do with this holiday, I have thought about ): But onto a slightly brighter note, it’s the fifth Sunday Saves, so I hope you enjoy!

1. Franzizzy (Book Quotes That Stayed With Me)

I recently talked about how I want to read more, and I love the idea of quotes from books. Yes, it might be cliche but I don’t care. Book quotes are cute and I think that they can really stick with you and they can reflect on your life, your situation in that particular moment and even help you through a hard time. Because I’m not a big reader, I can’t really remember any quotes from the few books I have read, that’s why I liked Franzizzy’s post because she posted some lovely quotes, and even I could relate to a few of them. I just think it’s such a nice idea, and by her sharing a few of her favourites, it lets us into her world and what she is like as a person (if you didn’t know her, like I didn’t until I found her blog).

2. Iga Berry (How To Make The Most Out Of Your Trip)

Yes, you can probably guess I was going to include at least one travel post into my Sunday Saves. I loved this post by Iga because she’s wrote about what I should have done. One of my big regrets before going away and I hate myself for it, is that I didn’t do enough research. I’m a big research girl; I love research and I love making lists and getting excited by what I’ll be discovering. But life got in the way, I became too busy, things cropped up, I got stressed, I had other things to do and sadly, the research didn’t happen as enough as I’d like. I’m hoping to cover a similar post in the future, so I found Iga’s really interesting to read through before I go. I can always look up a few places while I’m there, so I’m still doing research technically (just not as much as I’d like).

 3. I Believe In Romeo (Mindfulness: An Introduction)

Over the past few months, I’ve been really interested in finding out more about mindfulness. It’s such a unique practice that at some point, we all do try and do it but it doesn’t quite happen that fast. I’m a sleeper, I’ve tried mindfulness a lot and I fall asleep. I’m currently testing a technique where I start counting and if I can’t remember what number I get to, I start again, just to keep myself awake. I relate to Zoe’s post, I often struggle with repeative negative thinking and it’s so exhausting. It’s something I’m slowly learning to control over time, but it’s hard at times when you do something you don’t like and all you want to do is tell yourself how stupid you are and how could you do that. I’m finding myself trying to talk to myself and tell myself that I made a mistake, I’m accepting responsibility and I’m moving on. That process on its own is hard but again, slowly but surely. My boyfriend and I actualy went to a few Mindfulness classes and we enjoyed them so once we get back, I want to start delving into it on a deeper level.


One thought on “SS: Sunday Saves (#5)

  1. Hello, thank you so much for adding me to Sunday Saves! I am glad you enjoyed my post and that it helped a little bit with your future plans. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at any time. Have a lovely Sunday!

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