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SS: Sunday Saves (#4)

These weeks are just flying too fast for me! It’s the fourth Sunday Save already, and this week I’ll be talking about new hobbies,

1. Tatiannica (New Hobbies To Start This Spring)

I’m one of these people that loves the idea of starting a new hobbie even though I feel like I don’t have enough time for hobbies that I already have, never mind a new one. Tatiana done a lovely post on some ideas for new hobbies you can start this Spring and Summer. I was particularly interested in the knitting and the reading. Knitting; because I can actually knit but I want to knit more and be able to create more advanced things and reading; because I’m making it my mission, not just for the Summer but for good, to read more. I think it’s important to expand your reading, whether that’s just with newspapers, or young adult books or autobiographies, all reading counts in my ideas. Tatiana’s ideas are really simple but really lovely, so I think they could inspire you just a little.

2. Hello Hustle (8 Travel Tips To Help You Get #VacayReady)

I’m off to Finland next Sunday so I’m sure I’ll be reading lots of blogs about travelling and travel tips but I thought this was a nice simple post on travelling tips and what to remember. I always get so scared that I’ll forget something even though, let’s be honest, I can buy my socks or a nice t-shirt over there. I can imagine many lists will be made this week about what I need to take, what I can’t forget, what I want to see and most importantly, where are the gluten free and vegan restaurants.

3. Marvel Steph (Getting Through Self Doubt)

We all have those days. Whether it’s work, our blogs, our relationships, our hobbies; sometimes in the back of our minds we’re thinking, can I actually do this? It’s completely normal to have self doubt and it’s okay too. What’s not okay is believing you can’t do something. That’s why posts like Steph’s are around to give us little tips in how to believe in ourselves more. I struggle with the first point “Remind yourself why you started”. I don’t know why I started blogging. I liked the idea of it and I’m not one of those people that seen blogs and thought, “Oh money maker!”. But surely if I started a blog, why wouldn’t I want it to go somewhere? Again, self doubt. I sometimes tend to be a negative person but I think once I gradually change that side of my attitude, then the self doubt side will slowly move away too.



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