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SS: Sunday Saves (#3)

Happy Sunday! I’m back for another Sunday Saves, and this week I’ll be looking at sleep, journals and fitness (again!).

  1. Jemma’s Simple Life (How To | 15 Steps For A Better Night’s Sleep)

I still find it fascinating how the tables have turned. When we were all younger, we used to fight with our parents to stay up later and we never wanted to nap when we were babies. Now that’s all we want to do, or just me at least. Jemma’s post gives us some really easy and simple tips on how to get a better night’s sleep; some are common sense that we should all be doing, but don’t. We could all do with a better night’s sleep, including me, so I’ll definitely be trying these out.

     2. KTMY (A Look Through My Bullet Journal)

I’m pretty obsessed with lists to the point where it’s not healthy and it can tend to take over sometimes. I’d heard over the idea of a “bullet journal” but I never actually knew what it was. Katie explains it pretty well and I love the organisation of hers; she has a key, colour coded, little charts and graphs, and all these future plans as well as a contents page at the start.The pens she uses too are some of my favourites, especially since they’re so colourful! Hers is so wonderfully organised, and so neat.  I don’t think I could start a bullet journal because I get so annoyed and frustrated at myself if I don’t keep going with something, but I love the idea of it and if I ever get “okay” with the fact of not doing lists every day and can control my need to have a constant list going, then maybe one day I’ll do a bullet journal.

    3. The Tattooed Princess (11 Things I’ve Learnt On My Fitness Journey)

A lot of us have been on fitness journeys by the time we get to our mid-twenties, it just seems to be the natural thing. I started mine when I was 20 (a few months away from 21) and I’ve never looked back. I lost about three and a half stone and I promised myself I would never go back there (unless I was pregnant) because I really wasn’t happy. In Sian’s post she talks about the things she’s learned throughout her fitness journey and they’re all so similar to mine.

The points that stuck with me most importantly were not every day will be great. I’ve had so many rubbish days, I’ve had so many great days too, but the rubbish days sucked. They really sucked. I felt like I had come all this way and it wasn’t getting better. These days happen, I just had to teach myself that it wasn’t a big deal. Another one that stuck with me is that you’re the only person that can change yourself; no-one can force you to eat the right foods, no-one can force you to go to the gym. There might be people who can make you feel bad about not doing those things (or even make you feel bad for DOING them) but no-one can make you do them apart from yourself. The last point would be the scale. I used to obsessed over the scales so much that it got to the point if there was eight Maltesers in a portion and I had lift out nine, I would have put one back, just so I didn’t go over my calorie limit on My Fitness Pal. It’s hard to not let the scales rule you. It’s a number and if you see the number get bigger, you’re terrified. You want that number to go down and down until you’re happy with it, but I think that just sets you up with bigger mind games and actually slows down not only your weight loss but your entire fitness journey too.


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