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The Laurel and Cedar January Box!

(Who are Laurel and Cedar?)
  • Laura is behind Laurel and Cedar where she brings together small local businesses and designers to create a monthly box with 100% vegan, cruelty free and locally sourced products. I’ve never bought a subscription box before* so it was even a new experience for me!
(How did the box arrive?)
LaC Box 04
  • The box arrived in a normal packaging box filled with lots of newspaper shreddings which I find really cute, it really did give that hand made feel and I’m a sucker for that. It also came with a card and a paper telling me the theme of this months’ box and how as always, every product was vegan, cruelty free and handmade from small independent businesses.
(So what’s in the box?)
LaC Box 11
  • FitPit Women’s Deodorant is made by The Green Woman and I will admit I have only used it on days where I know I’ll be having a chill day, but I have smelled a few vegan deodorants before and they haven’t been great. The packaging says “it’s naturally perfumed with Rosemary and Bergamot” so it’s not sweet smelling by any means but it does have a pleasant smell. I can’t wait to try it out on a gym day and a work day, just to see if it really works. The only downside I have about the product (considering I haven’t used it yet) is the packaging itself, it’s really cute don’t get me wrong but I think it will get tougher to use the further down you go down the glass pot. You might need to keep a mini spatula around for that time.
LaC Box 05
  • The lip balm is by a company called Ravens Court Apothecary Company and is in the scent, vanilla and cinnamon. Without a doubt, this smells lovely! It’s a very wintery smell and from what their website says, it’s part of their limited edition seasonal range. The scent of a lip balm definitely makes a difference, I wouldn’t like to use a lip balm or any product on my lips that didn’t smell nice, mainly because it’s so close to your nose. It was smooth, soft and it lasted around an hour on my lips, which might not sound long for a lip balm, but I didn’t feel like I was constantly putting it on loads.

LaC Box 10

  • The Pineapple earrings are seriously so cute! I don’t have a lot of earrings anymore because I threw a lot out because they were really cheap ones so I was really happy to see a pair of earrings. They’re from the company, Hand Made Lab. They’re small but they’re not too small, they’re the perfect size really and I’m just really happy with them.

LaC Box 08

  • Chocolate I could actually eat! (This was after I searched online to see what ingredients was in the chocolate). It was dreamy. Oh so dreamy. It’s made by a company called Love Light Chocolate. As you can imagine, because of my intolerance of cocoa, I can’t eat a lot of chocolate and when I find chocolate used with cacao, it’s a rarity, so this blew me away. They came in a cute little box with around five or six heart shaped chocolates.
  • (No picture, sorry!) This was a cute idea! It’s called the Plant Me Wish Kit; I haven’t used it yet but you write your wishes down on these sheets, you get a little pot, use some compost, put your sheets in, add more compost, leave somewhere warm and watch it grow. I’m intrigued to see if it actually works. And you got three mini pencils with it too.
(Is there anything I didn’t like?)
  • I do have one or two criticisms about the box. This might sound lazy on my behalf, but I had to go onto the Love Light Chocolate’s website to see what ingredients were in the product. With not being able to eat certain things, knowing what was in the chocolate was important to me. Not all vegan chocolate would be soy free. I think the box should have came with a card saying what was in the chocolate, I think that’s really essential.
  • I was really surprised not to see a card naming everything in the box; I know that once you look at the products individually, you get the jist, but a card would make a few things clearer. In saying that, the deodorant did some with a card saying the ingredients (The type of card I would have expected for the chocolate).
  • I wasn’t sure of the pricing of all the products, I had to go on the individually websites to find out and I didn’t find out all the prices that way. The box itself is £20, and even though I wasn’t able to find out everything, I think combining the postage of everything as well as the cost of the products as well, you would save a few pounds buying the box rather than buy them separately.
(And what did I love?)
  • I love that this box is different. I love that they support local businesses and they’re giving smaller independents a chance to get their products out there. I’ve already liked all the companies’ Facebooks, because I really like their products. I love that it’s all different products; I never really wanted to get beauty boxes because as nice as beauty samples are, I don’t want tons and tons of them. So when I got food, deodorant, jewellery, lip balm and a little lifestyle idea, it’s much more satisfying rather than beauty samples you might forget about.
(Would I buy it again?)
  • Absolutely! It’s such a lovely idea. However, I wouldn’t buy it every month and that’s nothing against the company or the contents of the box; it’s just for me I see that as a luxury product and I have bills to pay and other such things and I don’t know how often I could afford to treat myself.
(*Disclaimer: I got this box for £10 instead of the original £20 but this does not reflect my view on the box. All views are my own and I’m completely honest in my opinions about the products.)

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