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NYR: February Update.

I’m back for another update for my New Year’s Resolutions. If you missed last month’s update, it’s right here and you can see what I got up to last month.

  • I went to a health talk all about detoxification and then I went to a cooking demonstration connected to that subject. Here’s a picture of one of the meals we had on the night, it was delicious! (x)
  • Every time I’ve done a food shopping, I’ve actually wrote a list and stuck to it. (x) (x)
  • My six weeks of yoga finished in the middle of the month and I’ve signed up for another six weeks.
  • Meatless Monday has been done all four Monday’s this month again.
  • I missed out on two Jantastic’s because I forgot to put the details in before the cut off date. I’m actually annoyed with myself ):
  • I treated myself to my first professional facial and back massage on Valentine’s Day and it was pretty incredible. (x)
  • I’ve used up 18 beauty products this month! You’ll find the post right here!
  • I’ve started writing down my week, fitness wise, and I’ve been sticking to it rather well, but most of the time, this changes, depending on my schedule outside of fitness. (x)

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